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Air conditioning can be a very costly proposition; however, with today’s energy saving technologies, people are learning how to save energy while keeping costs down. It is a fact that air conditioning uses 5% of the country’s electricity. In order to keep a/c costs down, it is a good idea to engage a local professional who is experienced in air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning repair, furnace repair, and heat pump maintenance. It is usually possible to find an HVAC service that addresses the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating and cooling systems.

The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which are the three functions that are combined together into one system. An HVAC system that is improperly installed can put a tremendous hole in the pocket of the homeowner. The efficiency of a system like this can be reduced by 30%, increasing electricity bills and causing the heating and air conditioning to run at their maximum capacity for long periods of time. This, in turn, will shorten the life of the equipment.

There are four types of HVAC systems. The first is the Heating and Air Conditioning Split System which is the most traditional type of HVAC system. It contains an air conditioner to cool the refrigerant, a furnace and fan or evaporator coil, a control panel or thermostat, along with other different accessories. The next type of HVAC system is the Hybrid Heat Split System. This is an upgraded version of the Heating and Air Conditioning Split System with improved energy components. The Hybrid system has a heat pump for heating or cooling the refrigerant, furnace and evaporator coil, ducts which are used for airflow throughout the house or building, and an interface to control the system.

The third type of HVAC system is called the Duct Free Split Heating and Air Conditioning System. This system is typically used for installation where traditional HVAC systems cannot fit. This system includes a heat pump or air conditioner to heat or cool the refrigerant, a compact fan coil, and wires and tubes to connect the unit outside to the fan coil. This unit also has a control panel or a thermostat to regulate the heating and cooling. The last type of system is the Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning System. It is used for homes with more compact spaces that will not accommodate the multiple parts contained in a split system. The Packaged system has the air conditioner, the heat pump, the evaporator and the fan coil all together in one assemblage. A thermostat controls the system.

It is important to consult a professional HVAC technician when considering the installation of a home system. The customer will want to research which is the best system for their home, taking into consideration the size of the home and which would be the most energy efficient as far as structure is concerned. The insulation of the home should be investigated as well, because the HVAC system needs to be installed in a properly insulated home for maximum performance.

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