Three Reasons Why You Should Hire An Office Cleaning Service

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 23, 2016. Posted in Cleaning services bakersfield, Green janitorial services, Medical office cleaning services

Green cleaning services

There are many things to consider as a small business owner. It’s arguable that the small, everyday problems are more irritating than the big tasks. This is in part because they seem tedious — but tedious doesn’t mean unimportant. In fact, the little things can affect your employees’ daily lives in a big way. The fact is that these problems are a lot simpler to fix when you employ a service to take care of them for you. In terms of keeping your workplace environment clean, it may be best to employ a commercial office cleaning service. However, not just any commercial office cleaning service will do. Green cleaning services are certainly the best option available, for several reasons. Below, we’ll discuss why a green commercial office cleaning service is the right move for you to make as an employer. Not only will a professional janitorial service simply make life easier — it will pay off in ways that you’ll certainly notice as an employer.

1. Better Employee Performance

Did you know that one in ten people never clean their keyboards, with 20% never cleaning their computer mouse? The fact is that employees are even less likely to take care of keyboards that aren’t their own. Employees do not feel the need to deep clean their workspaces because the fact is that they shouldn’t have to. The reason why they don’t feel the need to clean is that, as employees, they should be able to expect that a professional commercial office cleaning service will do that for them! As an employer, you should certainly take care of this aspect of life for your employees. It shows that you care about their work environment. It also shows that you take pride in the workplace, and that they should too. This will encourage not only cleaner habits from your employees, but better work. Employees in clean, pleasant-looking offices have been proven to be more productive, with better results as well. As such it really pays off for you to keep their office spaces clean. It makes sense — would you feel motivated if you came to work in a dirty office? Keeping the workplace clean is how you show respecting and care to your employees. They’ll appreciate it, because it shows that you appreciate them.

2. Healthier Employees

As a decent person, you’ll naturally want your employees to be healthy at work. But there are more practical benefits to having a healthy work environment too. For example, 71% of employees believe that a dirty workplace has made them sick in the past. Sickness naturally leads to these employees not being able to come to work, which slows office productivity. Cleaning services ensure that your employees will stay healthy and will therefore be able to come to work and have a good day. Furthermore, if your employees continuously get sick at work they’ll be likely to quit. And if your employees get seriously ill due to an unclean work environment, you will be liable as the employer. This is certainly nothing that you want to worry about — and green cleaning services in particular eliminate this potential problem.

3. A Better Environment

As indicated above, green cleaning services certainly make a difference when it comes to your employees’ health. Chemical-based cleaning products can cause indoor pollution levels to be up to 100 times higher than outdoor pollution levels. These pollution levels can negatively impact your employees in a big way — in fact, the effects can be long-lasting. However, an even bigger issue is the environment at large. By taking advantage of green cleaning products, you can ensure that your workspace is as environmentally-friendly as possible. It’s yet another way of showing that you care as an employer.

Keeping your workspace clean may seem obvious — but not everyone does it. Show everyone that you take your work seriously, and be careful about who you hire to clean your office building.

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