Why You Should Donate Your Clothes

Written by Economic Development Jobs on June 8, 2017. Posted in Charity foundations, Make a donation, When to donate clothes

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Between in-store sales, credit card rewards, and free-shipping perks, it becomes more and more difficult to resist the urge to buy that adorable jacket. Or the awesome blazer sitting in the storefront window. But, unless our closets are getting smaller, as we buy more, they seem to only fill up faster. This often leaves most people with a choice: give up those amazing fifty percent off sales or give up some clothes. And if you choose to make more space and get rid of some older clothes, how do you decide what to do with them?

The answer is simple: donate clothes.

Most of the time, old clothes being thrown out are actually in great condition and could be worn secondhand by someone less fortunate. On average, Americans donate almost five billion pounds of clothing each year. While this sounds great, it’s important to realize that more than 10 million tons of clothing are thrown away, only to end up in landfills. Just reducing this number could have a positive impact on the environment, if only we could keep these items out of landfills. In fact, almost any piece of clothing can be recycled, regardless of its condition — so there’s no excuse not to donate or recycle it.

Aside from these environmental benefits, there are financial benefits to clothing donation, as well. All donations can be written off on taxes. While you may not see the benefit right away, it will certainly help to save money in the future. Remember to keep the receipts, especially if any charitable donation is worth more than $250, and you’re all set!

Plus, about half of recycled clothing is worn as secondhand clothing, so you can feel assured that you are helping someone in need. Your donation could help someone stay warm this winter or protect them from harsh weather conditions. On average, Americans toss out just under 70 pounds of clothing annually. Imagine the number of people that could benefit from all those clothes. Doesn’t the thought of helping out so many people fill you up with pride?

Don’t be wasteful! If you’re wondering where to donate clothes, don’t hesitate to do some quick research. It should be easy enough to find a local charity that will pick up clothing donations or have drop-off locations.

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