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Helping Military Families with Your Donations

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 2, 2017. Posted in Donations that pick up at home, Looking for donations, Wounded veterans charities

Donations for veterans

The value of charitable donations in helping military families cannot be overstated. It is remarkable what a difference it can make in the lives of a family to have clothing and household goods provided for them when they are struggling financially. If you have items you are no longer using, donating them has the power to change lives.

Clothes Donations

Nearly 5 billion pounds of clothing are donated every year in the United States. In part, this is because of the high level of need in many areas. Warm clothing in the winter is imperative and yet far too many families are unable to afford adequate cold weather clothing.

Another pressing need is for children’s clothing as they are so quickly outgrown. Du

Increase Sales with a High-End Graphic Point-of-Purchase Display

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 1, 2017. Posted in Custom printed shipping boxes, Custom product packaging, Customized packaging

Custom logo boxes

A point of purchase display can make a difference with product awareness and sales. One of the reasons for the effectiveness of a point of purchase display is because roughly 70% of purchasing decisions are actually made while customers are in a store. This applies even when they may visit an e-commerce site during their decision-making process.

Packaging Digest recently published an article that focused on the consumer decision-making process. According to the research outlined in this publication, consumer decisions are usually made during the last five seconds when they see a well-displayed item on a retail shelf. This points to the major role that packaging design plays in the consumer decision-making process.

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