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Should A Shipping Container Stand In Place For Your Next Building?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 17, 2018. Posted in Conex containers, Repurposed shipping containers, Shipping

With green being such a dominant part of our daily lives there are many things that a business can do to maintain this recycled lifestyle. From the plates we use during breaks to putting water in refillable containers for hydration. What if your business could take this green lifestyle a step furniture and use conex containers as your building? Many businesses are making this switch and here are some of the reasons you should consider this big leap too.

An industrial shipping container is no longer for sending large items across long distances. Instead, these conex containers are being repurposed as offices, homes, and restaurants even! The standard conex containers can last well over 20 years if they are carefully taken care of and kept up. This could save a business owner thousands every year that they would spend in the upkeep of a typical building. Besides, this modular building solution looks and feels just like an ordinary building. They can even stay rooted in place throug

Handling Bankrupty and Computer Intrusions

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 16, 2018. Posted in Bankruptcy, Employment discrimination, Information privacy

Today’s world is one of ultra-connectivity, with personal computers handling everything from high finance to private file sharing. Computers and the Internet can make big business and law easier and faster to navigate than ever before, but it carries new risks as well. Computer intrusion is a very real threat, and its consequences can be serious. But with the right know-how and defenses, a person’s or company’s cyber-security and assets can stay safe.

The Menace of Computer Intrusion

According to PC Mag, computer intrusion is defined simply as access to a computer without proper authorization. This can take multiple forms, and for different purposes. Blackmail, spreading spam, and deleting files are common intentions, but computer intrusions can be even more sinister. Often, the intruder scours the computer’s files for sensitive information: addresses, names, and most of all, any data related to money a

How TMS Software Can Improve Transportation Logistics

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 14, 2018. Posted in Expedited trucking definition, Ltl carriers, Truckload freight

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that approximately 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the US and nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, trains and other vessels move goods over the transportation network.

Even with such a large transportation system, the way we move things is constantly evolving and more and more business is being done online. E-commerce in the United States generates more than $400 billion in revenue and is climbing. Whether carrying a truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL) or parcels, they are being forced to adjust to changes in the retail industry.

The trucking industry is just one part of the transportation sector feeling the effects of these changes. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that trucking will transport 18.79 billion tons of cargo by 2040, it appears the length of those hauls is decreasing.

Satish Jindel, president of the SJ Consulting Group, says the length of trucking hauls has declined. P

Have You Ever Had a Professional Headshot Taken?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 13, 2018. Posted in Corporate headshots chicago, Professional photography

The new job is very exciting. You have finally gained the vice president title that had alluded you in your previous job, you have reached the salary goal that you set for yourself, and you have an opportunity for profit sharing that you have always wanted. Along with all of these benefits, however, comes a different set of responsibilities and requirements. You have more monthly leadership meetings, you travel more for sales kick off events across the country, and there are many other ways that this job is different. One of the unexpected differences, literally put a smile on your face. Just two weeks into the new job, you had to go visit a local photographer’s studio so that you could have a professional headshot taken.
Professional headshot photographers specialize in corporate headshots so companies can have the needed images on file when it is time for company updates and press releases.

Three Keys to Custom Retail Displays

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 12, 2018. Posted in Acrylic poster frame, Metal display signs, Suction cup poster holder

The world of advertising is not just complex, it is incredibly difficult to fully utilize and is constantly changing. New marketing trends evolve every single year and this leads to smart investments and important capitalizations for businesses. However, so many companies overlook some of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to advertise products. Therefore, it is wise to take the time to understand the value of custom retail displays.

Many people think that technology is the most effective way to promote products because people spend so much time on their phones. However, over 75% of all customers still go to a store to buy themselves a product and to shop. So the value of glass door signs, display racks, and a metal sign stands is great for companies.

Every single day, the average consumer is exposed to nearly 3,000 advertisements. So business owners have to work hard to compete. Here are the facts on display stands and more!

Custom Retail Displays Will Impro

Discover the Unknown Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 12, 2018. Posted in Bankruptcy court, Judge f a little jr, Judge frank bullock

If you are currently a General Counsel, experienced mediator, or other legal professional who routinely deals with bankruptcy law, contract disputes, or partnership dissolution settlements, you are most likely well aware that these cases can be lengthy and quite complex. Depending on the circumstances and details of the case, it could be years before it is finally adjudicated, if it ever makes it to court at all.

Cases that revolve around chapter 11 bankruptcy in particular have many moving parts such as the petition, operating reports, disclosure statements, and meetings with debtors and creditors.

The effort that goes into complex commercial litigation is often not worth the hours involved because many of these clients have less than 10 million dollars in annual company revenue and typically just a few dozen employees. With this level of assets and workers, it may be more feasible to seek arbitration or to consider some type of Continue Reading | No Comments

How CMA Software Can Benefit Realtors

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 11, 2018. Posted in Cloud attract, Cma software for realtors, Real estate market analysis software

When it comes to looking for a house, money can play a huge role. All homes in the United States are cumulatively worth $31.8 trillion and the value of the U.S. housing stock increased by 6.5 percent (about $2 trillion) in 2017.

As they look for their dream homes, prospective home owners will turn to a variety of sources to make their choice. According to a recent study, 96 percent of consumers cited design over content as the main reason they “trusted” a Web site. Additionally, to the National Association of Realtors, 56 percent of buyers 36 years old or younger found their homes online.

However people find homes, money plays an important role. The housing market regained some of the loss from the 2008 crash with median home prices rising from 16.9 percent from $177,000 in 2008 to $207,000 in 2017. According to the Census Bureau, the median sales price of new houses sold as of February 2018 was $326,800.

With so much money at stake in the real estate market, a CMA (comp

Finding the Right Office Space Can be a Challenge

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 4, 2018. Posted in Virtual company, Wilmington delaware office space, Working remotely

You met your neighbor at the tire and oil change station last Friday. He had his laptop out on the table in the waiting room and was watching lines of code scroll up the screen. He was leaving for a family vacation later that day, so he was getting new tires before the big trip. He smiled when he told you that he was working, but you had to admit it looked like coding to you.
Your husband agreed to go on a five day vacation with you and your youngest daughter to visit your older daughter on campus. On two of the days, however, he had to spend a couple of hours on calls. Actually, more like on the computer. He was able to help solve problems that occurred and initiate solutions to problems that were not even detected yet.
You travel with your laptop every where that you go. To your older daughter’s college gymnastics meet; to your younger daughter’s show choir competitions. To family reunions and quilting events. You are known for arriving early, never late, so you always like t

American Consumers Depend on Safe and Efficient Food Production

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 4, 2018. Posted in Food grade hammer mill, Grain hammer mill, Tumbling

Behind the food products that we eat are a number of processes that allow for a safe production and efficient. From tumbling drums to food crushers, the food preparation industry creates much of the food that many Americans consume. In addition to being efficient, of course, it is important that food crushers are also safe and sanitary. This means that every part of every food processing machine needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The combination of the use and the cleaning means for a lot of wear and tear on the every single part. Finding the machines that are the most sturdy and the most reliable can help you create a profitable and productive system.
From hobby machines to professional food processing equipment, there are a variety of large and small parts that play a role in the lives of many people. Interestingly enough, the same kinds of machines that are successfully used in the fo