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The Quick Facts On Common Commercial Lease Types

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 28, 2018. Posted in Investing in triple net properties, Net lease, Nnn deals

Nnn leasing

If you are a commercial real estate investor or commercial real estate owner then you know that the market is doing fairly well. In 2015 commercial real estate investment increased by nearly 90 percent, and during 2016 there were over $74 billion dollars worth of commercial buildings that went up on in the United States alone. Investing in commercial property is also not a field that seems as off limits or restricted as it once did, and studies show that nearly 60 percent of millennials are thinking of throwing their hat in the ring. If you happen to be looking to get into the industry yourself, then there are a few things you should be aware of up front. One of those items is the different commercial lease types.

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Why Modular Building May Be The Future For Unchurched Congregations

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 27, 2018. Posted in Finished portable buildings, Modular buildings florida, School portable

Tampa buildings

A church for sale can be hard to come by, as the more than one hundred and fifty million unchurched people in the United States could tell you. An unchurched person is, simply put, a person who is a member of a congregation that does not have a church building to call a home. These unchurched people must often meet in public buildings while they are not in use, like school auditoriums and basements, for example, in order to hold their worship services. With one out of every five Americans considering themselves religious and attending church services on a regular basis and more than half attending church throughout the year, many congregations are desperately in need of a church building to call their own, a home. Many churches have steadily growing congregations as well, and those with more than 10,000 membe

Employee Turnover Is Higher Than Ever How Job Recruiting Agencies Can Make A Difference

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 24, 2018. Posted in Dallas staffing, Job agency in dallas, Temporary employment agencies fort worth

Temp agency fort worth

How do you make sure you’re recruiting right the first time…every time?

The first step toward a workforce that gives your business what it needs is getting rid of misconceptions. There’s no way to guarantee the right hire every time you send out an opportunity for employment. You can, however, drastically reduce the rate of employee turnover and employee dissatisfaction by investing in staffing agencies. Designed from the ground up to meet both employee and business halfway, these are fantastic resources for getting you out of that frustrating ditch you’ve sunk into.

Here are five things recruiting agencies can do for your brand.

Install More Confidence

The Benefits Of Less Than Truckload Shipping

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 23, 2018. Posted in Freight services, Ltl freight rates, Ltl transport

Pharma logistics

The trucking industry is booming. Growing industries such as ecommerce mean there is more cargo than ever before to be moved by truck. In 2013, there were an estimated 15 billion pounds of cargo moved by truck, and that number is expected to grow close to 19 million by 2040. The U.S. Department of Transportation also expects the value of freight to grow to $1,377 per ton by 2040, which would be up from $882 per ton in 2007. Trucking is popular because it is so flexible. Trucks can transport anything from food to clothing to specialty freight. Machinery transport services like less than truckload (LTL) shipping have become hugely prosperous. To prove this, statistics show that over 10 million trucks and other types of transport vehicles like rail cars currently operate in the United States alone, carrying good

4 Signs it Might be Time for a New Job

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 17, 2018. Posted in Dallas staffing agencies, Job agencies in dallas, Opportunity for employment

Staffing agency fort worth

If you struggle with your job, it might be time to consider leaving. Before developing your exit plan and start contacting a staffing company, though, you want to make sure you’ve really hit the end of the road. Here are five signs it really is time to find a new job.

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How To Stop The Spread Of Disease In College Dormitories

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 13, 2018. Posted in Commercial carpet steam cleaner, Conveyor belt cleaning system, Industrial conveyor belt cleaner

Industrial steam generators

Cleanliness is important, particularly for those living in crowded areas like a college dorm. Everyone knows that college students are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria that are passed around. After all, living in close quarters creates the perfect environment for germs to spread like wildfire. Though personal hygiene is important and can certainly help to prevent the spread of disease, there are steps such as the use of industrial steam cleaners that the college can take as well. Dorms should be thoroughly cleaned using industrial steam cleaners and other high powered cleaning solutions on a regular basis in order to keep the building and the students’ living spaces as hygienic as possible.

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3 Tips to Utilize While Finding a Remediation Company

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 12, 2018. Posted in Commercial dewatering, Construction dewatering and treatment, Inventory of environmental equipment rentals

Commercial dewatering pump

Certain business owners will find themselves in situations where dangerous spills or similar events have taken place. In fact, statistics show that over 80% of the most serious waste sites throughout the United States have negatively impacted the quality of nearby groundwater. With that in mind, it’s important to contact environmental remediation services in order to have your business inspected. In turn, an inspection allows an environmental remediation service to begin preparing a plan of action. It’s understandable to wonder how to go about finding the right type of remediation service provider. Considering that, here are three tips to follow in order to choose the environmental remediation company.

  1. Office Locations Near Your Work Site

    It’s imperative that an <

4 Reasons You Should Outsource Janitorial Services

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 11, 2018. Posted in Bakersfield cleaning services, Benefits of hiring a janitorial service, Green cleaning services bakersfield

Cleaning services bakersfield ca

What are the benefits of hiring a janitorial service? Professional janitorial service can make your life a whole lot better, and here are four important reasons why:

  1. It’s hard to clean both well and safely. We all want to have really clean surfaces, but we also don’t want to be poisoned by chemical cleaning products. There are currently 17,000 types of petrochemicals that are available for us to use even in the common home. Only 30% of all these chemicals have ever been tested to see what they do to human health or to the environment around us. At the same time, 71% of American workers interviewed believe that dirty offices have made them sick at some point. We need things cleaned, but we want eco friendly cleaning products as well. It can be harder to get things re

Hard Money Lenders Offer a Specific Kind of Loan

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 10, 2018. Posted in Hard money lenders newport beach, Private lenders in california, Private money loans

Investment property loan rental property loan

Money makes the world go round. It can also bring things to a complete stand still. The money that consumers borrow from private lenders is used for homes, college educations, and many other purposes. And while the majority of loans that are offered are traditional offerings with manageable interest rates, there are special kinds of loans that help lenders speed up the world that they live in. If, for instance, you a lender wants a quick loan to purchase and remodel a home, hard money loans are often the choice.
Private loans from private money lenders often have higher interest rates because the intent is that the project will be completed on an expedited pace and the property will be quickly sold with a goal of both paying of the loan within one or two months, showing a high

Employee Turnovers Are an Expensive Part of Business Practice

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 9, 2018. Posted in Staffing companies in dallas, Staffing company dallas, Temp jobs in dallas

Employment opportunity

If you are a manager or a director and have been caught off guard by the what seemed to be sudden departure of a valuable employee, you understand the reason the need that many businesses have for the services of a staffing company. Eemployment agencies can help companies of all sizes not only find the right employees but put practices in place that can help keep those employees for years to come.
Employment opportunities are both varied and complicated. In fact, a person who is at a job one day can be tempted by another position, even when not looking for other work. F