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Why Employees Need an Organizational Chart

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 20, 2016. Posted in Business organization chart, Company contacts app, Employee directory software


An organization’s culture has a high impact on the overall health of an organization and its employees. According to a survey, 64% of all employees do not feel they have a strong work culture and only 21% feel strongly valued at work. These statistics show an underlying problem that can lead to lower profits.

Research has shown that low level engagement results in a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth. Companies with high-level engagement have a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings growth.

An organization’s culture fits in because it instills the values by which a company operate. Overall, it can affect the bottom line in terms of productivity, creativity, profitability, and growth rates, as said by more than 50% of those surveyed.

While ther

Let’s Talk Signs

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 20, 2016. Posted in Led signs, Scrolling marquee sign, Signs for churches

Scrolling marquee signs

If you think back on today or yesterday, remember everywhere you went and the travel time there, there will almost certainly be one unifying object: signs. They are a constant feature in American?s lives, from construction signs to business signs, they inform and warn and lure. They become a part of the landscape that are not consciously thought of until that moment that the information becomes needed.
Consumers are not alone in becoming so accustomed to the signs they see every day. Business owners grow used to their own signs too. Considering the little understood importance of signs, that can be a big mistake, one that neglects the potential of this often disregarded marketing tool.

The Impact of Signs

Thinking again of your day, try and recall how many of the signs you observed we

Software Development for Your Business — Important Facts and Considerations

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 19, 2016. Posted in Brand management, Online marketing agency nyc, Software design


In this day and age, running a business successfully and making a mark on a competitive market is much more difficult than it used to be a few decades ago. Nowadays, there are a lot more things, factors and nuances that you need to consider and account for on a daily basis, and the number of variables has increased quite a bit in recent times due to the proliferation of the internet and the smartphone boom. As a business owner in this day and age, you need to be on top of both your physical and your digital presences, and make the most of all the mediums available to push your business towards the top.

One of the first things that a modern business needs in these times is the right IT infrastructure to drive daily operations and to keep track of all the important business areas and processes. Without the rig

Where to Find the Best Chargeback Protection for Ecommerce

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 19, 2016. Posted in Card not present chargeback, Charge backs, Merchant

Secure payment solutions

You deserve the best serve when it comes to your chargeback protection for ecommerce. You are a new business in the industry and you want to know that you have the best gateway services possible. When you have a chargeback, you need to know that you have chargeback protection. This is going ot prevent a lot of fraudulent charges from being processed and you won’t be held responsible for it. You know that chargeback Continue Reading | No Comments

Want to Take Fewer Sick Days? Look Into Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 19, 2016. Posted in Commercial cleaning minneapolis, Janitorial services st. paul mn, Tips for hiring a cleaning company

Cleaning service

A clean workplace is always important, for workers’ health and safety, but it can also be crucial if you’re manufacturing or producing goods that are later distributed to consumers as well. Germs are easy to spread and an unclean workplace can have devastating results if people aren’t careful. For example, there should be a medical device manufacturing facility cleaning done daily, and protocols in place to ensure that all medical devices leave sterile and as clean as possible. There are different types of cleaning services that range from office spaces to big industrial spaces and investing in a professional cleaning service can help ward off lawsuits and other accidents or illnesses. Obviou

Three Advantages Of Using Green Cleaning Products

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 18, 2016. Posted in Cleaning services bakersfield ca, Janitorial services, Types of commercial cleaning services

Green cleaning

It’s important enough for people to keep their homes clean — we all want our private spaces to be comfortable. However, it’s perhaps even more important for people to pay attention to the cleanliness of public spaces like school and the workplace. This is because keeping schools and office spaces clean is the responsibility of those in charge. Whether you’re an employer of office workers or a principal — if you’re running a public building of some kind, it is your responsibility to keep spaces as clean as possible. Of course, the reasons behind keeping spaces as clean as possible go far beyond the aesthetic, as important as this is. Janitorial services of all kinds are also about promoting health in general — something that is especially important for schools, as many young children don’t have the stro

What You Need to Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 18, 2016. Posted in Commercial warehouse, Commercial warehousing, Entering into an office lease agreement

Leasing commercial property

Commercial warehousing and distribution leases are nothing to joke about. However, for many business owners and first-time investors, there can be multiple things you may not understand or that you may overlook.
To avoid overlooking an important detail, it’s important that you do your research beforehand. Here are a few important differences between residential and commercial leases to help keep you informed.
Fewer Consumer Protection Laws
In any residential lease or rental agreement, there are typically consumer protection laws. These can include security deposit caps and rules that serve to protect a tenant’s privacy. In Continue Reading | No Comments

Three Reasons to Install A Residential Elevator In Your Home

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 18, 2016. Posted in Commercial elevator installation, Commerical lifts, Home elevator company

Residential elevator service

Are you thinking about the installation of a residential elevator in your home? What about in the home of an aging relative? For an elderly person or someone with physical difficulties, living in a two story house may become a daily challenge and struggle. If the thought to install residential lifts in the home has not crossed your mind, perhaps you should consider it. Here are some facts to help you make an informed decision.

First, convenience. As we’ve already discussed, the decision to install residential lifts could make it easier for an elderly family member to reside in their home for as long as possible. Barring other health complications that require more intense supervision from a doctor, having a home elevator eliminates the need to move to a nursing home or downsize to a one stor

Are You Ordering Medication From the Internet? You Could Be Taking Counterfeit Medications

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 16, 2016. Posted in Blister packaging company, Sharp packaging, Thin film pharmaceutical packaging

What is biotechnology packaging

Do your medications come from a registered pharmacy? You could be ordering counterfeit medication online without realizing it: the market for counterfeit medicine topped $75 billion last year. New pharma track and trace protocols are making it easier for consumers to verify that their medications are authentic: medical packaging materials now feature bar codes and can be traced at every point in the supply chain. Pharmacies are offering consumer education to their clientele: if you are looking for a specific medication, go to a doctor’s office instead of ordering it online.

What consumers may not realize is that counterfeit medicine can damage their health. Many of these fake medications are manufactured in China and India, and consumers who are looking for a discount may be ingesti

Many Opportunities in the Heavy Equipment Field

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 14, 2016. Posted in Caterpillar heavy equipment repair, Caterpillar parts, Heavy equipment parts long island

Reman parts

Heavy equipment is used in a number of industries, from home building to commercial construction to major public works projects such as highways and bridges. The global construction equipment market is estimated at close to $150 billion a year, with the North American market the second-largest in the world. That creates a lot of business opportunities for companies that choose to sell, lease or service heavy equipment.

Companies that sell construction equipment can make a lot of money. Many of the pieces that construction companies need are six-figure items that generate a lot of profit. So new dealers of heavy equipment can make a lot of money. However, it takes a lot of money to start such a business. You need a huge section of land on which to