LTL Shipping Services And Why They Should Matter To You

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 29, 2018. Posted in Expedited freight companies, Freight carriers, Machinery movers

Expedited freight service

Every time we drive, particularly on a highway, we are likely to see trucks passing us, often in groupings of two or three. The trucking industry is booming, companies like Macropoint and others thriving in the field of transporting goods from place to place.

LTL shipping services have become particularly popular. The LTL shipping services market has recently been estimated at over $30 million. Companies like Macropoint have contributed to the over 10 billion tons of cargo that were transported via truck in 2013 alone. And that yearly number is expected to rise. By 2040, just over twenty years from now, the annual estimate of cargo transported is expected to reach nearly 20 billion tons. It’s estimated that almost 12 million trucks and rail cars are involved in the moving of these goods, and that retail accounts for 23% of the goods transported. LTL shipping services and LTL freight companies transport thousands of goods, from electronics to retail, every year. Specialty freight services can provide transport of overweight freight and shipping as well as LTL shipping services.

Because of the sheer vast numbers of tons being moved, transportation management software can be key in keeping track of everything that is transported. Transportation management software, used by companies like Macropoint and its peers, can keep track of the types of load boards as well as managing LTL (less than truckload) shipments. These types of freight management software can also help to identify when theft is occurring. Unfortunately, theft is not uncommon in the trucking and goods transporting industry, and over 600 theft incidents were identified in the first quarter of 2016 alone. But if these incidents can be identified with increasing accuracy, companies like Macropoint can begin to identify ways to effectively prevent them.

Truckers, though not often noticed by the every day person and often seen as part of the background when driving on a highway or other road, play an important part in many industries, particularly that of retail. They transport vast amounts of goods every single tens, millions of tons every year, and the need for trucking services is only increasing, projected to reach even greater heights in the next twenty years. Trucking services can be utilized in a number of different ways, from less than truckload shipments to full cars. Once transported by a truck, these cars can even be further transported by train as well. No matter what is being transported, truckers play an important role in getting it to its final destination.

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