The Importance Of Donating Your Used Clothes

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 17, 2018. Posted in Charity clothing pick up, Charity foundations, Make a donation

Many of us are interested in helping disabled veterans but knowing the best path to take towards helping disabled veterans can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are many charities geared towards helping military veterans and one easy way to help out one of these charities is to donate your unused and old articles of clothing to veterans clothing donations. Though not many of us often consider the value of charitable donations, even just donating used clothing items can go a long way toward helping disabled veterans.

Aside from helping disabled veterans, used clothing donations can be helpful for the environment as well. Unfortunately, old clothes can have a considerably negative effect on the environment, with people in the United States sending more than ten billion pounds of clothing to various landfills around the country every single year and currently only donate as little as fifteen percent of their used clothes. Fortunately donating clothes, for the purposes of saving the environment and helping disabled veterans, is becoming more and more commonplace. Nearly five billion pounds of clothing are now donated, and nearly half of these articles of clothing are sold again and worn by people in need (or the money from the sales is used for the behalf of the charity). Nearly one hundred percent of all used textiles, from used clothing to used towels, can be repurposed and reused in some way. Many old textiles become the stuffing for various furniture for various brands, for instance.

It can be difficult to know when to donate your clothes, but it is likely that the majority of us have articles of used clothing that should be donated. If you live in an area with only two seasons (or less) you should donate clothes that you haven’t worn in six months or longer. Donating clothes that no longer fit properly is also a good idea, as well as clothes that are no longer appropriate for your current lifestyle, such as articles of clothing that you have had since high school or even before. There’s nothing wrong with keeping some sentimental items from years past, but it is important to know when to let other items go.

Donating your used articles of clothing can be more impactful than you may realize. For instance, donating used clothing to a charitable organization is a great way to go about helping disabled veterans or other groups of people who are in need. But the benefits of donating used clothing extends past even contributing to charitable organizations. Donating clothing can also have a profound positive impact on the environment, and repurposed used clothes kept more than two billion pounds of clothes from landfills in just one year. Donating used clothing can also help to clear out your closet and declutter your spaces, helping you to utilize your space in a better manner. The best use for your clothing is often to be worn again by those who are in need.

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