Which Type of Packaging is Good for Stability Studies

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 15, 2017. Posted in Bottle packaging designs, Plastic blister packaging, Supply chain pharmaceutical

Auto injector pharmaceutical packaging

When a medication has to undergo stability studies, it can be a stressful time for a company. You’ll want to ensure that you have done all that you can to ensure that stability studies go as well as possible. A big component of stability studies is how well a medication can be stored. Product packaging is essential in helping your product remain safely stored for long periods of time. In this post, we will be discussing three crucial aspects that make up a properly packaged product.

The first aspect to ensuring you have a properly packaged product has to do with the outer enclosure. One of the most commonly used types of packaging would be the blister pack. A blister pack is usually plastic packaging that provides a bubble of protection to the product. Blister packs are a type of packaging that be customized to suit many different prefrences. Blister packaging designs can vary from the mundane to something that is eye-catching.

Stability studies are an important time for the future of any product. Choosing blister packaging can help your product to perform better on stability studies, due to how well blister packs can protect what is inside of them. Another option regarding blister packs would be one where cards can be inserted. Otherwise known as carded blister packaging, this type of packaging is popular for medications, as it allows additional storage space for product information sheets.

Another important aspect of bottle packaging would be features that ensure the product is safely stored. Liners and seals are two components of effective packaging that can reduce the risk of anything contaminating the container. Many medications will couple the use of blister packaging with child safety features to ensure that only adults have access what is inside. Child safety features are a vital concern for any medication. There are various child proof seals and caps that can be created for the packaging of your product by medical packaging companies.

A third aspect of packaging your product will be what a medication itself is stored in. Many medicines are in liquid form which requires a special kind of packaging to ensure that the medicine is safely stored. Pouch packaging is often used for liquid products for a number of reasons. The first reason to use pouches for liquids is because they allow for both easy access and disposal of medication. The second reason for the popularity of pouches, or sachets, is because they usually have measured doses on the packaging itself. Having doses already measured out for you is a big relief to most consumers. Pouches are also able to made with the same type of child proof features that blister packs and other medicinal containers have.

In closing, ensuring you’ve covered all aspects of product packaging can really help you out in stability studies. Many companies prefer using blister packs an outer shell for their products. It is strongly recommended that you package your product as safely as possible. Child proofing your medication can be done in many ways but you always want to make sure there is some sort of proofing system in place. It is recommended that liquids be packaged in pouches. Pouches allow for easy storage and disposal while providing easy to read measurements for dosing purposes.

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