5 Smart Reasons to Choose Clamshell Packaging

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Businesses want to create packaging that satisfies customers. Unfortunately, a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study found that only 14% of consumers feel that companies make efforts to improve packaging. This means that many consumers are likely dealing with all sorts of packaging problems. If you want your company’s packaging to keep customers happy, consider the clamshell. A clamshell is a type of blister package that is made to fold onto itself. In this post, you’ll learn five important benefits of utilizing clamshell packaging.

  • Keeping Content Safe During Shipping

    Before retail packaging arrives on shelves, it must be transported. During transportation, it’s important to choose a durable type of packaging. Without durable packaging, many types of products could become damaged or otherwise contaminated. This can potentially rob your business of large amounts o

The Importance of Reusable Plastic

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Packaging, from ammo packaging to thermoformed packaging, is hugely important in the United States (and in many other places around the world). But retail packaging is not always ideal, as packaging such as thermoformed packaging and clamshell packaging, among other types of packaging, is not always environmentally friendly. In fact, this packaging such as thermoformed packaging can have a decidedly negative impact on the environment at large, contributing to pollution in the land as well as in the water

In just one year, more than thirty one million tons of plastic waste is improperly disposed. While it is bad enough for plastic waste to end up in a landfill, this improper disposal has had a massive hand at negatively impacting other places in our planet. Particularly harmed by plastic waste has been the ocean. And while plastic packaging lik

Is Your Company Looking for Custom Clamshell Packaging Solutions?

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Made in usa clamshells

Tamper evident clamshell packaging solutions help consumers know that the products they are buying are safe. This method, in addition to many other kinds of retail packaging, not only keeps consumers safe, but also help patients easily keep track of the medicines that they take. By simply marking the start date on a medication card, for instance, it is easy to keep track of the daily doses that a patient needs to take.
From box labels to tamper evident clamshell solutions, the packaging industry continues to help food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical vendors make sure that they are providing