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Things you can do to Stem Employee Turnover in your Organization

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It used to be that people would get hired right out of college (or high school) at a firm and then stay with that firm for the rest of their lives, moving up the ladder and acquiring houses, cars, children, etc. in the process.

Now, the landscape has changed drastically, and employee retention is a problem for the majority of organizations across all firms. Businesses, public organizations, and nonprofits everywhere are scrambling for talent acquisition firms and outplacement services to try to induce Millennials to stay for more than 45 days. Employers everywhere are leaking money trying desperately to compensate for the loss if institutional memory, communication

3 Things to Keep in Mind While You Look of Commercial Cleaning Contractors

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Did you know that the average desk surface is home to about 10 million bacteria? The truth is, your office might be a lot dirtier than you thought it was. Just because you don?t work in an environment where germs are obviously going to be — such as in a dentist?s office, or a doctor?s waiting room — doesn?t mean there aren?t a ton of contaminants arising from daily use. Just the simple act of an employee eating lunch at their desk can ultimately lead to thousands of bacterium growing there.

If you are in charge of an office, you?re going to want to make sure things stay clean. Why? Every year, millions of employees have to call in sick due to illness. Influenza alone causes about 200 million missed days of work every year — and the flu virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to two