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A Closer Look At The Use Of Paper Here In The United States

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 5, 2019. Posted in Bulk paper, Shimmer cardstock, Silver paper

Paper is everywhere that we look. It’s used for many of our important documents, as well as in many of our books as well. Flyers are made from paper, as are brochures and other such tools of communication. We use paper to write stories on, letters on, cards on, and to take notes on. Back in the day, before personal computers became widespread and popularized for people of all ages, school assignments were often turned in on paper as well, whole essays written on the stuff. Even nowadays, when we types things up on a computer, we use paper to print it out on, just to have a hard copy – just in case.

In fact, as many as four trillion sheets of paper are used in a single year just in this one country alone, so many that the amount of paper used is difficult to comprehend. And research has shown that the usage of paper is growing on a yearly basis, sometimes by as much has 16% year to year. From individual use to professional use, an incredibly high number of sheets of paper will be u