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Protect Your Discovery or Invention With These 4 Tips

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After years of study, research, and hard work, you develop a new compound or medicine that can help the world. The hard work’s done, right? Not so fast. Before you celebrate, there are things you need to do to protect your work and your idea. This is not as simple as locking away your bound lab notebook or putting your laboratory notebooks away someplace safe. You need to get a patent to keep your intellectual property (IP) your own.

1. Talk to a professional IP expert. You are a smart person. The process looks easy enough for anyone to handle. Just compile the documents, fill them out giving the information about what your idea is, why it matters, and the reasons you deserve the patent. Easy-peasy, right?

Not really, there is a lot of nuances here. The processes for protecting your IP are more complicated than simply filling out the forms and waiting until yo

Seven Benefits To Getting Replacement Windows

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There’s nothing better than looking out your front windows on a bright, sunny day to take in the view, see the birds nesting in the trees and the squirrels scurrying through your yard. Or maybe you like gazing through the windows on a rainy day, watching the raindrops hit the windows and slowly trickle down.

For as many benefits as windows provide, there’s a good chance they might also be costing you a great deal of money. Older windows that are drafty and let air escape can increase your energy bills by 10 to 25%.

Regardless of whether you want to lower your energy costs, make home maintenance a little easier or reduce outside noise, there are plenty of options available for getting replacement windows. There are also plenty of benefits to replacement windows. If you’re thinking about replacement windows, consider the following benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance: Getting replacement windows with advanced designs helps increase their sustainability. When wind

So You Want to Use a Private Jet

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The word “luxury” is defined by a variety of things for different people. For you, luxury may mean a freezer full of the highest quality steaks and other edible delicacies. Or, luxury may mean a brand new home. You may define luxury as a Mercedes Benz or a Rolex watch. One of the most popular images that is drawn up in people’s minds by the word “luxury” is the charter plane, or private jet. Not much else screams “living the high life” like having an airplane all to yourself, perhaps while being catered to with delicious food and champagne. The idea of private jets is not one that many people even consider, but, if you have found yourself in a situation where you are seriously perusing private jet quotes, here is some important information for you before you go jetting off into the sunset.

So you want to charter a jet! Did you know that there is actually a big difference between these two common phrases in the air travel world: private aircraft flight and scheduled airline service

Using the Right Metals for a Bellows at Work

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A metal bellows at a workplace such as a furnace or in vehicle engine should not be confused with the air-blowing bellows use in furnaces and old blacksmith shops. Rather, an exhaust bellows or other metal bellows is a tough but flexible tube of metal designed to contain gas or liquid, and these contents are often either extremely hot, extremely cold, or are under very high pressure or may even be corrosive. No ordinary tube or metal can be used to make an exhaust flex joint or a high pressure expansion joint; rather, a high pressure expansion joint can be added to a metal bellows system only if its composition and quality of construction are up for the job. A high pressure expansion joint may be made of different alloys based on the contents that it will carry, and at any workplace, a high pressure expansion joint or other bellows should be regularly looked over t

Using Dry Ice For Cleaning Jobs

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The act of cleaning is universal among homeowners and business professionals around the world. Nothing will work at its best capacity if it is dirty on the inside or outside, and items covered with dust or grime, or clogged with pollen, spiderwebs, or dust, might at best be visually unappealing, and at worst, dirtiness can impair an item’s function, such as a car engine, a computer, or even a firearm. Dirt, grime, and more can disrupt heat dispersion methods and cause an item to overheat, or dirt can clog moving parts and jam entire systems, and filth can corrode a surface over time and render it brittle or useless. If the items in a factory, vehicle, or public building are allowed to get too dirty, the damage from sheer grime and effects can get expensive. And dirty items and surfaces can make a bad impression on customers or guests, and this can harm business. No one would want to stay at a filthy hotel or buy a grimy and rusty machine, so a Continue Reading | No Comments

The Use and Care of Your Measurement Tools

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Many tools and measuring devices are used in industry today, from factories to car repair shops and beyond, and these tools should be in good shape. Measurement tools like load cells, for example, use various methods such as fluid pressure or warped metal rods to measure how much weight, or resistance, they are experiencing, and these pressures form electrical currents that in turn lead to a readout that someone can see. Meanwhile, torque is very useful for certain wrench types, and torque can allow a worker to secure a nut or bolt or other item, such as on a car wheel. But if the strain is too great, a torque tool may do more harm than good during a day’s work, so measurement tools like calibration wrenches must be used to get everything back into working order. Force measurement is the common thread between these two device types. How can these measurement tools do good?

Load Cells and Their Types

For many industrial items, big and small, it is important to know exactly